Gas Line Installations

Keep your home safe by having a professional TSSA registered contractor install and repair your gas lines, furnace, boiler, pool heater or any other gas appliance. Gas work done by an unqualified person can cause serious damage, injuries, death fire or explosion inside your home. With over 30 years of experience, Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. can offer fast and dependable service – we even have same day service! Visit our website to find out our other services.

Moving into a new home? Make sure to have the inspector check the gas lines. Repair costs can easily rack up, and making do with an old system can compromise the safety of your home. And don’t even attempt to install your own gas line—it is dangerous and should be left in the hands of experts.

Gas lines are trickier than water pipes. With the latter, you’ll know immediately if there is a problem—the faucet doesn’t drip or the pipes keep leaking. Meanwhile, natural gas has no color or odor (odor is added to the gas). A gas leak can lead to serious consequences like fire or explosion to severe intoxication or asphyxia.

Leave the gas line installations in Hamilton to the professionals. For reliable and dependable service, contact Prologic Comfort Solutions, Inc. Our company offers superior workmanship as well as quick service and response. Aside from installation of gas lines, we also service and install all brands of furnaces, boilers, pool heaters and more. In case of emergency services, we are available 24/7. You may call Prologic Comfort Solutions, Inc. at (905) 379-9866. For less demanding jobs, just leave a message on our contact form and will get back to you shortly.


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