Q. My furnace is not working what should I do?

There is a few simple things a homeowner should check before making that dreaded call for service.

    Make sure the breaker for the furnace and the switch is in the on position. This switch is generally located near the entrance room to the furnace or possibly on the ceiling as you enter your basement
    This is often overlooked by many homeowners. A dirty or plugged filter WILL cause your furnace to operate at very high limits and cause failure. Filters should be replaced every 1-3 months depending on your filter type and the amount of dust it is collecting.
    Many homeowners are unaware or forget this simple process. The batteries provide power to the thermostat to tell your furnace whether or not it should be heating or cooling. It’s a good idea to regularly change these batteries at the same time you change the batteries in your smoke detectors.
    Sometimes snow and ice can build up in and around the vent pipe of the furnace causing the furnace not to work.

Q. My furnace is working, does it still require servicing?

YES, most manufacturers require you to maintain your equipment according to their specifications to keep your warranty valid. This includes yearly service, checks, and adjustments.

Q. How often should I have my furnace serviced?

At Prologic, we recommend a service/inspection and cleaning of your furnace prior to the heating season and an inspection of your air conditioning prior to the cooling season to maintain optimal performance, costly repairs, and a piece of mind with trouble-free performance of your equipment.

Q. How much does it cost for pre-season maintenance?

Generally, a preseason maintenance service requires about an hour of labor and in most cases, no materials are required. This saves you money, in the long run, avoiding emergency service calls during the season and with ProLogic, if you have a pre-season inspection and your equipment does break down during the season your first hour is on us!

Q. What other services do you offer?

Here at Prologic Comfort Solutions, we offer all services to all appliances connected to natural gas and propane including but not limited to furnaces, boilers, pool heaters, BBQ/Barbeques, gas line installation and inspection, hot water tanks, instantaneous hot water heaters, air conditioning, indoor air cleaning, and conditioning.

Q. I received an infraction notice from my gas company. Can you help?

YES. Not to worry! We can work with you and directly with the gas company to get whatever unsafe condition that you may have sorted out and get you in safe working order.