Fireplace Installations

Do you want to keep your house warm and make it look great at the same time? Opt for fireplace installations. Of course, not all homes can have a fireplace. Visit Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. to see the heating options we can provide you, such as boilers, furnaces, pool heaters and more. If you are interested in a fireplace, we can offer propane and natural gas options and styles to meet your budget.

A fireplace can more than be just a source for heating—it can also improve the overall value of your property. It definitely adds a touch of class to your home and even provides an instant romantic setting for impromptu dates. For fireplace installations in your Hamilton home, call in the professionals. Continue reading “Fireplace Installations”

Furnace Installation and Repair

It’s nearly impossible to live through the cold the entire season. If you need Furnace Installation and Repair Hamilton, contact Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. We have been in the HVAC business for years and service all types and brands of units. Visit our website and fill out the contact form or call us at (905) 379-9866 for free estimates on repairs and installations.

Braving the cold months can be a challenging but life can be easier with a properly functioning furnace. Before it becomes too cold, make sure to have your furnace checked. This is to prevent having to do your furnace repairs when you need it most. Continue reading “Furnace Installation and Repair”

Boilers Installation and Repair

It happens—one day, your boiler breaks down and its one of the coldest days of the year. Your day doesn’t have to be ruined. Just contact Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. for boiler repairs Hamilton. We offer same day boiler repairs and can handle different brands of boilers. Call us at (905) 379-9866.

Many homeowners and landlords don’t know that natural draft boilers installed in their homes are susceptible to carbon monoxide leakage and BY LAW require a yearly combustion analysis and inspection along with carbon monoxide detectors to be installed in the home to protect the lives of the people residing in the home. Continue reading “Boilers Installation and Repair”

Gas Line Installations

Keep your home safe by having a professional TSSA registered contractor install and repair your gas lines, furnace, boiler, pool heater or any other gas appliance. Gas work done by an unqualified person can cause serious damage, injuries, death fire or explosion inside your home. With over 30 years of experience, Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. can offer fast and dependable service – we even have same day service! Visit our website to find out our other services.

Moving into a new home? Make sure to have the inspector check the gas lines. Repair costs can easily rack up, and making do with an old system can compromise the safety of your home. And don’t even attempt to install your own gas line—it is dangerous and should be left in the hands of experts. Continue reading “Gas Line Installations”

Pool Heater Installation and Repair

Natural gas pool heaters are a reliable way to extend the use of your pool on those cool spring and fall nights or when the sun and cool temperatures just don’t do the trick. Our technicians are continually training to stay ahead with industry standards.

Rest assured because at Prologic Comfort Solutions Inc. all of our technicians are Hayward and Zodiac factory trained and warranty approved installation and repair experts with extended summer service hours to serve you better! Continue reading “Pool Heater Installation and Repair”